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The animals at Källagården
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The farm cats Elvis and Morris.

The animals at Källagården

Källagården is “guarded” by a playfull and child-friendly little dog named Yazzi. He is a so called Danish Swedish Farmdog and was born in 2008. Since 2012 he has his doughter Milou by his side, a little copy of himself but with some Jack Russel and Dachshund blood as well. Their best friends at the farm are the black farm cats Elvis and Morris.

Ever since the late 1970s there has been sheep on the farm. They were not many, but enough to keep the grass and heather short on the ski slope by the fringe of the wood. In 2008 we decided to go in for some more sheep and not only use them as “lawn movers”. We brought in 20 ewes of the Gute sheep race. The ewes lambed and today, depending on what time of the year you count, the herd is either several times bigger, or the same. Lambing usually takes place around April. The sheep keep our fields and pastures free from overgrowing.

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Yazzi and Milou keep moles and voles out of the way.

Eva and the Gute sheep that keep our fields and pastures free from overgrowing.

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