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A fantastic view over Källagården and Brösarp's Hills from one of the two bronze age graves on the land.

Berries from rose hip and sloe grow wild around the farm.

Contact information and Brösarp village map

Jörgen Andersson and Eva Sendel
SE-273 50 Brösarp

Phone: +46 (0)414-73 477 (it's a big farm and it may take a while to answer)
E-mail: info@kallagarden.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kallagarden

Google Maps: Brösarp and its surroundings in detail
Download: Map of fruit orchards and forest (PDF)

If it concerns a booking and need a quick reply we recommend you to contact us by phone. Although we answer e-mail as soon as possible!

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Mile after mile of serene white sandy beaches wait just a few kilometers from Brösarp.

The trail down to the sandy beach of beautiful Haväng.

In distance from the farm:
ICA Supermarket: 800 m
Brösarp's Tourist office: 750 m
Pharmacy: 550 m
Bike rental: 0 m (at the farm)
Bus station: 1 km
Medical care center: 550 m
ATM: 550 m
Restaurants: 500 m and 750 m
Haväng beach: 4 km (bike) 6 km (car)
Outdoor gym/fitness: 300 m
Illuminated jogging track: 300 m
Hiking/trekking tracks: 300 m
Café and bakery: 800 m
Library: 500 m
King's graves: 300 m and 950 m
Kivik: 9 km
Football pitch: 400 m
Ice hockey rink: 600 m
Ski slope with ski lift: 150 m

All about Brösarp
Brösarp's steam train
Brösarp's Cinema
Ornahög ski slope
Backakrogen restaurant
Brösarp's Inn (Gästgiveri)
Lödahus Chocolate Culture
Hiking/trekking maps for Brösarp
The Skåneleden trail
Brösarpsgården haflinger
Café Smulan
Brösarp's Alpine Ski Club
The Municipality of Tomelilla

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